Međimurje County approved the project "VIR - visibility and development of county family farms"

Objavljeno: 3. July 2020.

As part of the project "VIR - visibility and development of county family farms", members of the association will additionally engage and take the initiative to contact family farms in Međimurje County and ask them for basic information to create for them and with their help pages for as many as possible. According to the data of the Agency for Payments in Agriculture, in the area of ​​Međimurje County on 31.12.2019. 4,703 of them were registered.

We will also select 200 family farms to which we will send a written notice of the project along with information on the tenders to which they can apply. Of course, via e-mail and created database, we will contact many more family farms, and the characteristic of this project is that all those who published their family farm, or created a website, in the coming period that does not include this funded, will keep all benefits of using our services - maintaining websites, sending notifications and providing assistance in preparing project applications for tenders of all levels and completely free of charge.

We will increase visibility and influence the development of Međimurje family farms. We will publicly promote their work by providing all relevant information to all citizens interested in consuming Croatian food with verified origin. All interested county family farms will be able to display the website on their own business cards, will receive regular notifications mainly on a weekly basis about the tenders they can apply for, and our association will provide them with ongoing support and advice on applying to local tenders. , regional, national and especially European levels. We will be the starting and central place for both Međimurje family farms and interested citizens. Our resources will always be theirs, and they will continue to receive support even after the expiration of funding through this tender. The project will run from September to the end of December 2020.

Expected project results are:

- analyzed data on 4,703 family farms registered in the area of ​​Međimurje County (submitted to the Board for Economy, Agriculture and Tourism of Međimurje County)

- created a database with contacts that are publicly available

- project notification sent to all family farms

- prepared and sent tenders for local, regional, national and European level tenders

- written notification of the project was sent with information on tenders of all levels to the addresses of selected 200 family farms

- all notifications forwarded to Međimurje County (Management Board for Economy, Agriculture and Tourism)

- web pages created for all family farms from the area of ​​Međimurje County that respond (possibility for all 4,703)

- maintaining and maintaining constant contact with published family farms and providing assistance in applying for tenders at all levels and the development of their websites

- project promotion on Facebook and Google Adwords

The project "Family Farms of Croatia" is implemented by the association Innovative Projects from Rijeka and the Croatian Association of Counties.

It is a web platform that aims to include all 162,966 family farms in 20 counties and the City of Zagreb. We have been working on it systematically for the past year, and you can view it at the following link: