We became a member of the National Rural Network

Objavljeno: 1. December 2020.

Today we became a member of the National Rural Network established by the Ministry of Agriculture. The network is an integral part of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD).

The network does not have a legal personality (form) but is the same platform that brings together various stakeholders operating or located in rural areas and carries out certain activities in order to achieve the set goals.

In accordance with the above regulations, the objectives of networking are:

  • increasing stakeholder involvement in the implementation of the Program
  • improving the quality of Program implementation
  • informing the general public and potential beneficiaries about rural development policy and possibilities for co-financing projects
  • encouraging innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry and rural areas.

Members of the Network can be state administration bodies, professional institutions in agriculture and rural development, local and regional self-government units, regional and local development agencies, agricultural holdings, educational and scientific institutions in the field of agriculture and rural development, associations and chambers related to agriculture and rural development, other natural and legal persons whose activities are related to agriculture and rural development. Membership in the Network is voluntary and free.

We will strive to encourage innovation in agriculture, digitalization and increase the visibility of Croatian family farms.