Cooperation agreement signed with the Student Foundation of the Polytechnic of Šibenik

Objavljeno: 10. August 2019.

Association "Innovative projects" has on the fourth anniversary of its foundation, on 8.8.2019., signed an agreement on cooperation with the Foundation for Students of the Polytechnic of Šibenik.

The Foundation was established with the purpose of providing financial support to the academic community through the following activities:

  • providing financial support to students whose studies are at risk of termination due to unforeseen external influences, which include, but are not limited to, the illness or physical disaster of a student or immediate family member
  • improving the student standard rewarding significant achievements in the fields of science, art and civil society development
  • support for projects relevant to the economic and social development of the local and regional community
  • support for collaborative research projects

The Foundation was established by the Agreement on the Establishment of the Foundation for Students of the Polytechnic of Šibenik from 3 November 2014., concluded between the founders of the Šibenik-Knin County, the City of Šibenik and the Polytechnic of Šibenik.

The cooperation will take place in a number of ways, mostly for the purpose of preparation of the tender documentation, monitoring of the implementation and preparation of the final report on the implementation of projects on which they jointly apply or INO-PRO on behalf of the Foundation for VUŠ Students.

Note: During October 2019, an amount of HRK 3,000 was approved by the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which will be spent on the purchase of a laptop computer that will be used by the Foundation to reward a student of generation . We are pleased that as soon as we established cooperation we were able to secure the first funds for Foundations work.