The project "Croatian OPGs" was initiated in cooperation with the Croatian Community of Counties

Objavljeno: 7. April 2020.

The "Croatian OPGs" project is implemented by the Innovative Projects Association and the Croatian Community of Counties.

It is a web platform that aims to cover all 162,966 OPGs in the 20 counties and the City of Zagreb. We have been working on it systematically for the past year and can be viewed at the following link:

Encouraged by the current situation in the country and the need to set up the platform as soon as possible, we are forced to start implementing the project ahead of schedule. Similar initiatives have been popping up in the last two weeks, but these are ad hoc initiatives limited to local or regional areas. Also, they are based on the principle of sell-buy-deliver due to the unavailability of marketplaces. Markets are starting to open tomorrow, so the need for such initiatives will certainly decline.

Our idea is much bigger, and we would continue to deal with it even after this situation calmed down. It would also not only deal with the contacts of OPGs that supply their products, but would also be a systematic and complete overview of them.

The basic purpose of this platform is to independently create and manage its own site for each individual Croatian OPG.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of OPGs do not have their own website through which to present their family's work in a more personal way. Now they will be able to do it.

Additional content on the platform will be able to find current competitions from local, regional and national to European level. Furthermore, the info corner will contain all relevant documents for OPGs related to establishment, reporting, networking and the like. In short - the starting and central place of all Croatian farms.

As for the users of their services, that is, all citizens, they will simply be able to search the platform by county and by category as it complements. Also, it is important to note that we will not enter OPG data on our own. However, it is personal information, and the purpose of the platform is for each economy to independently create and edit its own page, which can eventually be highlighted on business cards. For example, we published one OPG from each county, and they were finalists in choosing the best OPG "Gold Worth" in 2019.

We thank the many portals for sharing the news of our project and look forward to this great project!


Note: This is a nonprofit project by two nonprofits, that is, it is completely free for all users.