We introduce a quality management system "OK2015"

Objavljeno: 4. June 2016.

Association for Civil Society Development SMART from Rijeka, as part of the program of regional development and capacity strengthening of civil society organizations conducted by the National foundation for civil society development, has developed a new quality management system for organizations of civil society in Croatia - "OK 2015". The guide explaines what is quality management system and which are its principles, how "OK 2015" is used in organization, the process of self-assessment and which are the areas of quality (basic and sub-areas). Also, there are description is evidence and further steps in the development of the system and support for organizations that apply it. The manual is divided into four parts:

  1. Strategic management of organization
  2. Resources (human, financial and material)
  3. Communication and relations in the region
  4. Results

INO-PRO decided to implement and apply the quality system and we will prove through written standards and criteria that we are committed to quality and that we strive for continuous improvement and upgrading.