We took part in the Programme of Interreg Cooperation Slovenia- Croatia Workshop

Objavljeno: 22. February 2016.

On Monday 22nd of February in Opatija the informative workshop for applicants on the Programme Interreg Slovenia – Croatia was held. It was organized by the Government of Republic of Slovenia's Service for Development and European Cohesional Politics and Joined Secretariate Slovenia- Croatia.
The workshop lasted from 10am to 3 pm. Its first part included the presentation of the programme and its public tender. We were also given the information on acceptable costs and explanations on the application supplements.
The second part of the workshop gave detail presentations of the Electronic Monitoring System (eMS) and the application form. The workshop was held in Slovenian language with simultaneous translation in Croatian. Its standard was on high level in general.
Across the border programme of cooperation Interreg SI- HR is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFFR) as a part of European Territorial Cooperation (ETS). It has been supporting the across border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in the period from 2014 till 2020. The area of the programme includes 17 statistical regions in Slovenia and counties in Croatia.
The common goal of this cooperation is to promote a sustainable, safe and vital border area. This is achieved by nourishing a wise approach towards maintainence, mobilization and managment of natural and cultural resources. This will benefit the people who work and live there or are just visiting the area.
INO-PRO could take part as a main or project partner in the Investment Priority 6c: preservation, protection, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage; and also in the Specific Aim: the active preservation of heritage through sustainable tourism. The first call for project proposals ends by the middle of March, but we are planning to apply on the second one in autumn. In the meantime, we are going to look for project partners and also work more on our idea so we will be able to say more about it once when we define it.