Objavljeno: 2. April 2018.

The Central State Office for Sport has launched a "Competition for Co-financing of Sports Programs for Promoting Local Sports and Sporting Events in 2018" with a deadline for submission of applications by 31 March 2018.

The Fundamental aims of the Contest are to develop and implement effective and sustainable activities that will contribute to the development of sport, the ones that are aimed at non-sparring training, encouragement of recreational and amateur sports, organizing sports competitions the ones going to international sports competitions and organizing international sports conferences.

The total value of the tender is HRK 7 million, representing the largest amount allocated by this office (before part of a Ministry). The minimum amount of co-financing is 10.000 kn, and the maximum 120.000 kn with in mind that the applicant provides at least 20 % of the required funds for the project implementation.

Leading the last year's successful project we reported to "Table tennis Club of Persons with Disabilities Rijeka" this year we also helped them in project design and filled out tender documentation.


STKOI Rijeka

The project is called: Table tennis School for Disabled Persons in 2018 and is reported in partnership with partners:

  • Center for Autism Rijeka
  • Daily Center for Rehabilitation Slava Raškaj Rijeka
  • Table tennis club Rijeka


After the lecture held at annual meeting of the Association of Kinesiologists Rijeka in December 2017 we established cooperation with the mentioned association and the association "Sport Recreational Society Carolina 3,2,1" from Rijeka for whome we also completed project applications and advised them in the planning of project activities.

"Association of Kinesiologists Rijeka" has reported the project entitled: Exercise every day and made your own lunch.

Association of Kinesiologists Rijeka

Project partners are:

  • Educational Institute of Public Health of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
  • Medical school in Rijeka
  • Association of School Sports Associations of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
  • Association of School Sports Societies of the City of Rijeka

The association "Sport Recreational Society Carolina 3,2,1" has announced the project entitled: Summer and Winter Camp for Children and Youth.

DŠR Carolina 3,2,1

Announcement of the results of the competition was announced on 15.05.2018.