We have become a mentor in STARTUP INCUBATOR RIJEKA

Objavljeno: 9. December 2016.

Guided by our mission of helping the development community through expert advice, in October we have lodged an application for a business mentors in the StartUp incubator Rijeka.

Startup Incubator is designed for young people, students and their teams who have the knowledge and ideas in the field of industrial design, various scientific and technical fields, information technology, computer applications. Assist in the implementation of ideas is provided by the mentors. Services supervisor, Internet access and use of space incubators in Ružićeva 14 for customers in the pre-incubation period (six months) is completely free of charge.

Mentors of Startup incubator are experts from the scientific and technical areas of natural sciences and engineering and in the field of industrial property rights, product development and marketing.

Mentor signed a statement of the ethical code of a mentor, and it is required from mentor to periodically monitor the work of the team and physically in the office room at least once a month, preferably via video link and phone contact for advice if necessary.

For mentors we proposed association leader who offered his services from:

  • writing project proposals and the bidding of their local and national government as well as those from the EU funds for NGOs
  • of the association which can carry out an economic activity
  • knowing the date of the announcement of individual competition
  • proper fulfillment of project applications
  • ways of achieving the benefits of scoring based on the added value of the project
  • project management and preparation of the final report

The role of mentor is based on a voluntary basis without pay. We look forward to getting started and help young people to develop their ideas.