We have applied for a Call within the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program

Objavljeno: 1. October 2018.

The Association Innovative Projects has applied to the Public Call for "Empowering Croatian-Swiss Partnerships for Local Socio-Economic Growth and Development" under the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program with the project: Smart Cities, Cities and Villages.
The aim of the Call is to improve economic and social development at local levels in Croatia through cooperation and partnership between Croatian and Swiss institutions, local and regional self-government units and civil society organizations.

The project was applied in co-operation with three partners:

1) University of Rijeka through its own Center for Supporting Smart and Sustainable Cities. Project Applicant, Dr. Damir Juričić, is the deputy head of the Center, while the head of the department is Saša Drezgić.

2) CLER d.o.o. - The Center for Local Economic Development of the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka is a profit organization founded by a NGO and has become a leading company in the field of analysis and studies for the needs of JLS. Its greatest success was recorded in 2016. when it was entrusted with the creation of a new index of development of units of local and regional self-government in Croatia, which is now in force. CLER director Nada Denona Bogović is also the professor of the "Local Economic Development" course at the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka.

3) The Fondation FEDRE pour l'Economie et le Développement of the Régions d'Europe (Geneva) is the leading Swiss civil society organization in the area of ​​local economic development specializing in the regions of eastern and southern Europe. The FEDRE Foundation has a tremendous experience, and its relevance is witnessed by the fact that its president, Mr Claude Haegi, former Mayor of Geneva.

Key goal of the project „Smart regions, cities and villages“ is, based on the experiences of Switzerland as one of the leading countries in terms of realisation of project related to smart communities, improve and fasten development of such communities in the Republic of Croatia. The basic channel of attaining such goal is transfer of knowledge and best practices. Switzerland is one of the pioneers of systemic approach to smart community development where Swiss Federal Office of Energy in year 2012 initiated project Smart City Switzerland ( Considering the fact that the Republic of Croatia is in the initial phase of realisation of smart communities projects, precisely systematic approach, knowledge and best practices based on projects realised in Switzerland is unique chance for overcoming initial unfavourable circumstances, fast education of public sector stakeholders and general public as well. Finally, this will enable realisation of project implementation at the county, city and municipality level.

The total value of the project is 942.980 kn, while own co-financing amounts to 95.400 kn.

We expect the results in January 2019.