Social innovation and/or ideas on the development of civil society and the promotion of philanthropy

Objavljeno: 30. August 2016.

Public call for social innovation and / or ideas on the development of civil society and the promotion of philanthropy in local communities was announced by the Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development in cooperation with the Association for Civil Society Development SMART. The call is funded through competition "IPA 2012 Encouraging innovative forms of philanthropy in local communities to support the sustainability of civil society" and co-financed by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs .

Call Objectives are :

  • gathering of proposals for innovative ideas that can contribute to the development of civil society and philanthropy but also improving the quality of life in local communities
  • promotion of ideas and collecting public support for their implementation in practice
  • further development, testing and/or implementation of ideas in practice

Total value of calls is 10,000.00 kn that will support two ideas in Istria and 2 in the Primorje-Gorski kotar county with the 2,500.00 kn each. INO-PRO applied whit the idea "one by one" - the establishment of a base of NGO contacts for their better cooperation

With funds received within this call we would develop our innovative model of data collection ("one by one") with the final result in the form of e-mail address base of a large number of active NGOs. We would organize associations according to area and location of their conducting activities. After completion the notification would be sent to all associations with contact information of NGOs in their county and beyond working in a similar area. It would also be sought to complement the data in an excellent application UdrugeInfo (Office for NGOs) with the contact information of active associations. With our model NGOs could easily share their information on implemented and planned activities with those of similar area and/or location. We would in this way achieve networking of associations, encourage their cooperation and also create a positive competition.

NOTE: On December 9th we were notified that our project won 171 votes and took 3rd place out of 9 who competed. Only projects that have achieved two best results are funded. We hereby thank all those who have given us support.