Cooperation with Damir Urban

Objavljeno: 17. December 2018.

In the project "Ghost towns of Croatia" we have established cooperation with renowned Rijeka artist Damir Urban. Together we signed up for the public call for public needs in culture of the Republic of Croatia in 2019. with the project "URBAN abandoned settlements - music podcast on the website". The call was made by the Ministry of Culture and we are particularly pleased that we are recognized in a multitude of applications and ultimately financed.

With this project, we want to give a better feeling for a visitor to a site that we feel is lacking an instrumental track. In this regard, cooperation with Damir Urban has been established, whose involvement in the project is expected in the creation of a music piece entitled "Ghost towns", which will serve as a music podcast on the web site. This would round off the visitor's experience of exploring art photos, history and locations of abandoned settlements in Croatia. This musical work will be produced during 2019.