CITYSCAPE project launched

Objavljeno: 5. December 2019.

The new project of our association is called "cityscape", and the allusion is to the word landscape where we emphasize the appearance of the city. The project was presented with a promotional video on the website and on the association's YouTube channel, and will be implemented during 2020, at a time when the city of Rijeka is the European Capital of Culture (ECOC 2020).

The project aims to warn about the pollution of cultural property and other buildings of the city of Rijeka with graffiti. Activities to be implemented in 2020 are:

  • establishing a complete and functional website
  • education of children and young people in schools of Rijeka
  • suggesting a solution to this problem
  • establishing partnerships with public services, private companies, the media and interested citizens
  • organization of volunteer actions

The project was co-financed by the Office of the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar in November 2019 and the remaining funds are planned to be collected from the Ministry of Culture, the City of Rijeka and various donors during 2020. On the project, we established a collaboration with young Rijeka musician Luka Poklepovic (Pokle) who allowed us to use his songs "Let" and "Putnik", for which we are very grateful to him. The project leader is Zvonko Bumber, who will also be the leader of workshops in schools.

Visit the project page or watch the video here: