Objavljeno: 1. March 2018.

We are pleased that one of the founders of the INO-PRO association, photographer and art historian Zdenko Vukelic, has been recognized through his photographic work and through the "PUBLIC COMPETITION FOR FINANCING PROGRAMS AND PUBLIC SURVEY PROJECTS OF THE SENJ CITY IN 2018." Our association is the only association with no headquarters in Senj, which is funded by this competition.


The project "Senjska kulturna baština kroz fotografiju" will consist of photographing the protected cultural assets of the town of Senj and their artistic work. Everything will be presented in the representative calendar for 2019, where each month will be accompanied by an artistically depicted motif of cultural good and a brief description of the motif presented. The calendar will consist of 12 motifs of the protected cultural heritage of the city of Senj presented through the artistic vision. Photos will be taken in black and white technique. The city of Senj and its public services will receive about half of the copies.

This is the first project in the series, and is part of the annual "Local Heritage in Picture" program. It is planned to apply for JLS and JP (R) S's tenders / public calls during 2018 with the purpose of presenting their cultural features through artistic black and white photographs that would be found on many walls within the calendar for 2019. The next project in the series is the one for the Istrian County and the Italian national minority there.