Appointment of INO - PRO in the Working Group for drafting the National Strategy for the Development of Civil Society

Objavljeno: 30. July 2016.

Office for NGOs of the Croatian Government in accordance with their scope and mission of providing an enabling legislative, institutional and financial framework for the activities of associations and support the development of civil society as an essential partner countries in the preparation and implementation of policy initiates the process of drafting the National Strategy for Creating an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development for the period from 2017 to 2021.

The national strategy document in which, at the strategic level, define objectives, measures and activities that the Republic of Croatia wants to achieve in the next five years, to creating a supportive environment for the development and operation of civil society organizations as important factors of socio-economic development of Croatia but also the design and implementation of EU policies.

Accordingly, the Office for NGOs access to the establishment of the Working Group for drafting the National Strategy for the period from 2017. to 2021. The working group will consist of representatives of government bodies, academics and representatives of civil society organizations, and will have the task of proposing goals, measures and activities of the National Strategy for the period 2017. – 2021. Within the Working Group subgroups will be formed according to the four priority areas defined in the current Strategy and the public debate on the priorities of the new Strategy, held in April 2016.

INO-PRO emphasized its candidate for representative in the working group under the interest area Strengthening the role of civil society organizations for socio-economic development. Office for Cooperation with NGOs accepted the candidacy. The start of the Working Group and the first meeting is planned in September 2016. in Zagreb.

We are honored to participate in the development of this strategic document especially in the INO-PRO area of interest such as social entrepreneurship .