Primorsko-goranska County approved the project "Revitalization of abandoned settlements of PGŽ through image and sound"

Objavljeno: 14. May 2019.

As part of the project "Cities of Spirits of the Primorsko-goranska County" financed by the Ministry of Science and Education 2018 and the Department of Culture of Primorsko-goranska County in 2017, three members of the association during 2018 visited all 43 abandoned settlements in PGŽ of the total of 144 in Croatia, photographed them, defined GPS coordinates, collected all data on residents and economic activities from the first census of 1857 until the end of 2011 and consolidated them on a completely new and innovative internet portal , and a monograph printing was planned in September / October 2019. The project's objective was to raise awareness of the abandonment of rural areas in Croatia. Photos are taken in black and white as well as a 360-degree panoramic shot by an art professor who is a recognized photographer. The statistical survey was made by the professor of geography. The emphasis is on art photographs that will faithfully glimpse the appearance of abandoned settlements, and "entering" into a panoramic footage will give the visitor a feeling of being there.

The project is conceived in three parts.

For the first part of the project, we want to give a better feel to the visitor of the website We do not think it lacks an instrumental track to track the visitor's visit. The association and its members are from Rijeka and cooperation with the Rijeka artist Damirom Urban has been established. We are of the opinion that the listed artist with the new music piece will increase the visibility of the project to a wider audience and that news of the project will be easier to convey to the media. This work would be developed in June 2019.At the same time, the realization of the project would stimulate the awareness of unrecognized values ​​and their revitalization. The project would be an innovative content in the Croatian media and tourist offer and would be an indispensable incentive for the preservation of historical, cultural and natural heritage.

The second part of the project that predicts financial eligibility is a monograph print, and the results of the project would be offered to the PGZ Zeleno-plavo magazine where they could present abandoned settlements to multiple municipalities. A firm monograph with high-quality art photography is financially secured within the project funded. The third part of the project would be an art exhibition at the Kortil Gallery in Rijeka in September / October 2019.

The third, at the same time, the last part, would be the crown of the whole project, because during the opening of the exhibition, Damir Urban would play his piece, and a monograph would be presented. The exhibition of selected art photos of all 43 settlements would be open for seven days in the Kortil Gallery in Rijeka.The project aims to revitalize 43 abandoned village villages in the area of ​​Primorsko-Goranska County through the picture (photo exhibition and website and sound (by making an original work).

The project is funded by the Department of Culture of PGŽ 2017, the Ministry of Science and Education 2018, the Ministry of Culture in 2019.  and now the Office of the County of PGŽ. The project represents a multidimensional artistic approach using several media at the same time and multiplying the results achieves greater visibility. It is a unique project in Croatia whose crown will be public presentation in the Rijeka gallery.